Brand Audit of John Lewis Essay

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Brand Audit of John Lewis
Brand Audit of John Lewis


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1. The purpose of this report 3
1.2. What is a brand?

2. The John Lewis Brand 4
2.1. How does John Lewis stand out?
2.2. The brand elements of John Lewis 5
2.3. The brand values of John Lewis 6

3. The perceived brand image of John Lewis 7

4. Recommendations for the future 8 competiveness of John Lewis

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It is clear that the marketing managers of John Lewis have built a strong brand and maximised its equity. In order to do this there are characteristics of strong brand which marketing managers must work towards (see Appendix A).

2.1. How does John Lewis stand out?
Some companies choose to adopt a brand strategy and Riezebos (2003) explains that this consists of differentiating the brand and adding value to the brand. By aiming for differentiation in a strategy, it gives a brand competitive advantage.
Brand competitors and the diversity of choice that is available to consumers, puts brands under pressure to offer high quality products and service, excellent value and a wide availability (Clifton et al., 2009). Brands must differentiate themselves from the competition and create an unforgettable impression.
After positioning the brand, an organisation should establish Points-of-Difference and Points-of-Parity associations. Points of difference are the associations that are unique to the brand and are held favourably by consumers. Points of parity associations however are not unique, but are the associations that are shared with other brands and are necessary for a company to be legitimate and credible (Keller, 1998).
John Lewis is unique amongst British retailers as its partners own the company. In 1929 owner John Spedan Lewis gave

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