The Core Values Of Benevolence In The Analects And The Bible

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Kindness is one of the core values of humanity and civilization. A man with kindness is spontaneously capable of loving, and love is the foundation of almost every relationship, an untiring pursuit and unceasing desire of people. The Analects and the Bible are the two most influential classics in China and the western society. The Analects looks at life from the angle of human nature while the Bible uses religious thinking to explain the world and humanity. As the source of the development of the East and the West, the Christian culture and the Confucian culture have common features in many aspects. Therefore as the essences of the cultures, the two classics reflect the same values, which are kindness and love. The values are still remarkable…show more content…
The narrow sense of benevolence is love. Fan Chi asked Confucius about benevolence, and got the answer “loving people” (12.22). Love is the core value of benevolence, and the methods are “help others establish what he himself wishes to establish and to achieve what he himself wishes to achieve” (6.30), also “do not do to others what you would not have them do to you” (15.24). The two methods to achieve benevolence can be interpreted as loyal and considerate(Bu, 2007). The former is demonstrated from the angle of loyal in an active attitude. It focus on people’s inner thinking and requires high self-discipline and rational consciousness. The latter is demonstrated from the angle of considerate. It focus on the actual implementations and gradually becomes widely-accepted daily codes of conduct. Confucius stated benevolence as “denying self and returning to propriety” (12.1), which is in favor of keeping public order. Therefore, benevolence is a high level and a moral standard in dealing with relationships between people, while loyal and considerate are the practices of benevolence. The broad sense of benevolence is the general and the true virtue. It is the basic quality of people, and also a special quality that urge people to pursue good and kindness. It is the foundation of all other morals and virtues, and it contains all aspects in the narrow sense of benevolence. The…show more content…
One of the most important ideas the Bible delivers is that God loves all human and all other creatures. Therefore Christianity advocates that people should follow the example of God, love him back and love each other like siblings. People should learn from the Holy Spirit because the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness ( (-- removed HTML --) 5:22-23). The foundation of Christian love is different from Confucius love. It is not family-oriented, which means blood ties are not that important. God wants all people to enjoy the love of brothers and sisters they are actual family. According to the Bible, when people told Jesus that his mother and brothers were outside looking for him, he responded that whoever did God's will was his brother and sister and mother ( (-- removed HTML --) 3:32-35). Christian love has no difference between each person and no closeness or social class difference, it is equally given to every living being on earth. However, the ultimate purpose of Christian love is the same as Confucius benevolence, which is achieving universal love for all. When a law expert Pharisee tested Jesus by asking him the greatest commandment in the Law, Jesus replied that first love God with one’s soul, heart and mind, and then love the neighbors as oneself ( (-- removed HTML --) 22:34-40) The two commandments of love are the general
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