The Correlation Between Poor Coaching And Burnout

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Introduction We see it all the time in the world of sports. Athletes deciding to hang it up, whether it be because of injury or age. However, there are also athletes that decide to move on from sports for no apparent reason. When this happens, it is often referred to as the player becoming burned out. What can cause an athlete to become burned out with sports is not only the stress from workouts and competition, but poor coaching. To fully understand the relationship between poor coaching and burnout, this paper will discuss what burnout is to athletes, as well as the behavior of athletes favorite and least favorite coaches. Then provide evidence to connect the effects of poor coaching experiences to burnout in athletes. Literature…show more content…
These findings also led to question what factors outside of stress caused by training can increase the chance of burnout. The study ultimately concluded that athletes in team-sports had a high risk for burnout rather than athletes in individual-sports. Research done by Lemyre, Treasure, and Roberts, (2006) looked at forty-four elite swimmers to study the relationship between self-determined motivation and burnout. The study was done to observe the effects of positive and negative motivation on swimmers throughout a season and whether the changes in motivation made the swimmers more susceptible to burnout. The reach showed that athletes with negative motivation trends showed greater signs of burnout than athletes with positive motivation trends (Lemyre, Treasure, & Roberts, 2006). A study done by Coakley (1992) looks at the causes of burnout. However, Coakley (1992) views burnout not from the stress of competition but rather, the social organizations. In conversations with 15 athletes it was found that young athletes leave sports due to two factors. First, was a constrained set of life experiences leading to the development of a unidimensional self-concept. Second was power relationships in and around sports that seriously restricted young athletes’ control over their lives (Coakley, 1992). Most of the time that these athletes had

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