The Corruption Of Public Scandals

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Local scandals happen all the time. Specifically, one local scandal happened recently that has went viral on social media around where I live. When magnifying the event, ethics seem to be the cause of the scandal. Political scandals are rare factors in local governments that cause serious repercussions to citizens and are cause by poor ethics. Let us start magnifying this topic by looking at those involved. Joseph Bennett is a school board member who argued that school board members, who work part time, should not vote to allow themselves free medical coverage while teachers in the same region had to pay full price. During this Jan. 11 meeting, Switzerland County board members Wayne Daugherty, Bill Roberts, Nancy Peters and Jill Cord voted to force tax payers to foot the bill to provide the four members with 100% health insurance coverage. Board members Josh Deck, Kathryn Collier and Joe Bennett voted against the health insurance coverage. Bennett wanted to return the tax dollars to the classroom and was the only one to speak up about this. Fox 19’s Jody Wxix asked board member Wayne Daugherty to explain his vote and he stated that he did not have to explain his vote. Board member Bill Roberts said he was owed the health insurance. Board member Jill Cord refused to explain her vote. Board member Nancy Peters also refused to explain. Fox 19 Jody Wxix writes “We checked with every school district in our Tri-State coverage area to see if the perk was common or if Switzerland

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