The Cost Of College For College

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Pricing of College
Every 7 7 in 10, 226 million college graduates has student loan debt; thats over 1.3 trillion dollars. This paper will give a rough estimate of what someone may need in college and how much it will cost to get them. There will also be averages of college tuition and credit hour costs. College is an important aspect of life now that a degree is needed to get most jobs. There are many ways to decrease the prices of college and there are multiple ways to pay for college but college will still be expensive. The cost of college still is too demanding because of living cost such as food and clothes, The course supplies and student loan debt once the student has graduated but, there are ways to reduce the cost like military
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The student also has to pay for gas and car insurance which according to the study the smallest amount was $1,200 to $3,000 dollars a year. Or maybe they can choose to ride a bike or walk or take a bus even. Still that’s a lot of money. Some college students may even choose to go to concerts or take a vacation or road trips. Some students may have subscriptions and bills as well.
School supplies can add up really fast. In this online checklist created by a former college student there will be a list of multiple items needed in class or at home. School supplies really depend on what the student decides to major in. Some must have items consist of calculators, notebooks, recorders, pens/pencils, laptops, paper and that’s only a few items. a rough estimate of the total for some basic items is about $1,100 dollars. Depending on the class the total may be higher. Now this doesn’t include any fees or books the professor is going to have for the class. the professor may have their own books for the class or maybe a different book than what the student was told to buy or maybe a different book for different parts of the year. The courses themselves cost money as well. Roughly $250 for 30 credit hours if you’re in state. out of state can get to around $650 depending on what college is chosen and how far out of state the student is.There are also tuition fees which range from $7,500 for in state and $19,000 for out of state and again some
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