The Cost Of Education And The Appropriate Length Of Time For Complete A Degree

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Areas of Research in my Specialization The Cost of Education and the Appropriate Length of Time to Complete a Degree I would like to study this topic to find out if students could mitigate the cost of education by taking a longer period of time to complete their degrees. Each year more and more students are getting deeper in debt attempting to pursue an education. There has got to be a better way for students to be able to accomplish their goal of earning a degree and not fall into a debt trap. It seems that the more time students take in earning a degree, they will lose potential income and they will also incur even more cost. They will have to pay for the extension of time that it will take to earn a degree in not only time but…show more content…
This topic may not have the interest needed to complete the dissertation process. There is research on the cost of the education but there is not enough information on how long it has taken students to earn their degrees and the cost at that point. Increase of Bachelor Degree to Six Years to Include a Two Year Internship I want to study this topic to find out if students who complete a two year internship while earning their degree have a better chance of successfully gaining employment after the completion of their degree. Most employers are looking for employees that have both education and experience. If students could gain both at the same time it would seem to reason that students would be able to obtain a job more quickly (Coco, 2000). This could be the only thing that would separate students from their competition in the job market these days. There are many students with good G.P.A.’s but having an internship that gives students the experience that they need could be worth it. I have no personal experience with this topic although I work with students on a daily basis and feel their anguish. Many of my students are unemployed at this time and while they are on the search they are finding that employers want more than just a degree, they want experience. Studying this topic will benefit education by allowing educators to see that providing students with the opportunity to gain
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