The Cost Of Health : Affording Medication

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The Cost of Health: Affording Medication Anyone who has purchased prescription medications has probably wondered why they cost so much, and rightfully so. Medication prices in the United States have been on a steady increase for decades, however, prices have been drastically increasing as of recent. Pharmaceutical companies have tried to justify these price increases due to the demand, the high cost of research, and the high costs of development and approval. Notwithstanding, the extent to which the prices have increased is not justifiable. Americans should be against these high medication prices and take action because pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of our healthcare system in order to capitalize from the sick. In order shed some light on this issue, the magnitude, scope, and consequences of these prices must be examined. First, I will attempt to analyze the scope of this issue. According to a survey by The Commonwealth Fund, many prices have increased to such a point that in 2012 over twenty-one percent of adult Americans who were prescribed a medication skipped filling their prescriptions or skipped doses because of cost. In addition to this, in a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers found that the prevalence of prescription drug use among people twenty and older had risen to fifty-nine percent in 2012. Using the United States Census Bureau, we can find that the United States population in 2012 yielded

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