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The Cost of Love As I observed Ruth in the play I couldn’t help but to feel connected to her in so many ways. I could sense her emotion and the stress of making sure everyone and everything was taken care of. Her marriage to Walter was lacking connection she desperately wanted and needed. She was never put first by herself or anyone else in her family. She was tired and worn out but she never gave up she pushed herself so far she didn’t even realize she was pregnant. I view her as a great women with strong qualities and beliefs. She stood by her husband no matter what type of situation he got himself in to and some may call that weak but I call it strong. My marriage and all marriages at some point struggle to connect on a more intimate emotional level. I have struggled with the feeling of not being enough, feeling unwanted and lonely in my marriage even if my husband is sitting next to me. My husband is a wonderful man but struggles on a daily basis to cope with PTSD and it unfortunately effects everything especially our marriage. While Walter didn’t have that issue the pain of feeling invisible to the man she loved I could most certainly relate to. I longed for his attention and affection if even only for a moment. As a wife with a husband struggling with PTSD I often feel like a single mother. Ruth took care of things whether Walter was there to help or not. While he was out drinking or sleeping the drink off Ruth took care of their son and the house. I can

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