The Color Of Water Analysis

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In The Color of Water, author James McBride explores all of the hardships and experiences that lead to the inevitable aspect of life; change. Writing this autobiography and memoir for his mother allows readers to understand what he and his family dealt through. James holds an insane infatuation for his mother’s past and went on to find out who she was in order to understand her constant proclivity to keep her previous life confidential. Rachel Shilsky remained mute and hopeless throughout her childhood. Unlike Rachel, the life she lived as Ruth was that of a woman with power and a voice that fought against mistreatment. It was imperative for Ruth to destroy any memory of Rachel Deborah Shilsky and take on a new identity in order to start afresh. James McBride focuses the book on the high levels of deprivation his mother went through. His thoughts on his mother’s way of life change when he comes face to face with the life she lived. As Ruth faces more challenges throughout her life she grows as a person who no longer fears anything, and finally relinquishes her past to James. As a child Ruth suffered extreme measures of disapproval from her father, Fishel Shilsky. Playing a tyrannical figure in her life, her father mistreated his wife and three kids regularly. He was the despot of the household that made every day living hell for everyone. She says, “I dreaded him and was relieved anytime he left the house...and even now I don’t want to be around anyone who is domineering or

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