Essay On The Cost Of The Revolutionary War

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The Costs of the Revolutionary War Introduction The American revolutionary war brought about a myriad of costs to both the British and the newly independent Americans. Some of the political, economical, and social consequesnces were felt immediately while others such as slavery and women’s rights would have lingering impacts into the future. The revolutionary war left Americans with significant financial debt, a new government that had to figure out how to pay the debt and strengthen commercial trading with other countries. The British also spent a significant amount of money fighting the war, which left their country with a high national debt, and eventually lead to some political reforms. The Costs of War to America One political cost of freedom was internal dissension within the American states. This division between the states and the people, led to new radical groups, political disagreements on how much power the government would have, and the definition and redefinition of equality. For example, Loyalists were subject to vandalized, looting and public humiliation and eventually they were banished from America (Foner, 2012). Once American won their independence, they were no longer obligated to adhere to English laws. Afraid that old British ideas would reappear; the states hesitated to grant full power to a new government. In the early days of independence, governors were not given as much power as they wanted. The prior “relations of dependency and restrictions

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