The Cotton Manufacture In Great Britain

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English textile factories were very bad and unhealthy for the health of working class families. In the book “History of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain” it says “the children who labour in mills are victims of frightful oppression and killing toil. They are often cruelly beaten by the spinners of the overlookers- that their feeble limbs become distorted by continual standing and stooping and they grow up cripples. If indeed, they are not hurried into premature grave.” This quote proves that they are being treated badly. This quote also proves that they are unhealthy. Also “accidents were very admitted to the infirmary, though the children's hands and arms having been caught in the machinery in many instances a finger or two might be lost.” …show more content…

Also that it's unhealthy because fingers are getting chopped off and that's bloody and stuff which is unsanitary. Lastly, it was unhealthy for working class families to working class families to work in the english textile factories because in the testimony of Joseph Hebergam to the committee he says “I have damaged lungs, my leg functions do not function properly and will not support the weight of my bones.” Joseph Hebergam then says he is going to die soon and that “it was caused by the dust in the factories and from overwork and insufficient diet.” That proves that it is not clean and that its dusty. It also shows that it is unhealthy because they are overworking him when he is tired. Even though they weren't treated correctly and overworked, the Ashton Chronicle said “they have good food, good beds, and given liberty two or three times a week. They were taught to read and in every aspect were treated kindly.” Even though they had long hours and were tired, they still had good food and good beds. Also along with them having good food and good beds,

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