The Court System Of The Criminal Trial

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This report is on the account of a trial heard in Swansea Crown Court on 8 March 2016. The purpose of the report is to show significant knowledge in the application of relevant areas of law to its involvement in the criminal trial. In accordance, the concept of criminal law, English legal system, function and structure of the court system, roles of court personnel, the procedure of the criminal trial, strength and weakness of the court system, and proposed reform of the courts have been put into consideration.

The court system of the United Kingdom is considered in hierarchical levels from the Supreme Court to the Court of Appeal to High Court, Crown and County Courts to the Magistrate Court. The courts have their jurisdictions of
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On arrival, the security ensured that all belongings are checked in order to properly safeguard the court environment. Also, I was given the list of cases to be heard and attended the case of Evans Ashley J. who was up for trial.
The trial was a private hearing. This means that members of the public, press or unrelated audience were not allowed to sit for the hearing of the trial. This system is advantageous as to ensure that publicity of the case would not, in turn, defeat the object of the hearing and so the courts considered it essential for the jury to be uninfluenced by the public to avoid any form of bias in the interest of the justice system. Also, due to our academic involvement in the trial, the ushers, as well as the judge, explained that the case is neither to be disclosed nor discussed to anyone external but only within the sphere of academic purposes. Accordingly, the only people present were; the judge, the jury, 2 clerks, the defendant, his advocate, a member of the Youth Defending Team, the prosecutor, the prosecutor’s solicitor and the dock officer.

The trial involved a defendant who is a minor and was charged with assault of grievous bodily harm under section 18 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861. He was duly released from the dock; an enclosed space at the far end of the court where the accused sits or may stand during the trial, because of his age
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