The Court System Of The Criminal Trial

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This report is on the account of a trial heard in Swansea Crown Court on 8 March 2016. The purpose of the report is to show significant knowledge in the application of relevant areas of law to its involvement in the criminal trial. In accordance, the concept of criminal law, English legal system, function and structure of the court system, roles of court personnel, the procedure of the criminal trial, strength and weakness of the court system, and proposed reform of the courts have been put into consideration. The court system of the United Kingdom is considered in hierarchical levels from the Supreme Court to the Court of Appeal to High Court, Crown and County Courts to the Magistrate Court. The courts have their jurisdictions of either civil or criminal cases. Civil cases are matters that involve individuals and businesses while criminal cases involve individuals and the State. Criminal laws ensure that law and orders are followed, punishment is served by offenders, and it act as deterrence in society. Civil matters are held in County and High Courts and taken to an Appeal Court in the civil division while criminal cases are heard in the Crown and Magistrate Courts. The Crown Courts deal with the most serious or indictable offences while offences of minor nature, which are called summary offences, are heard in the Magistrate Court. Either Way offences that may be serious or may be of minor nature can be held in both courts as it depends on the specific facts given. The

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