The Court System Of The United States

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The courts play a huge role in the criminal justice system. The dual court system of the United States (U.S.) was established through the U.S. constitution. The court systems have a multiple purposes and elements of court. Federal and state court system is what makes up the dual court system of the U.S. Today the U.S. court system is what it is today because of previous legal codes, common law, and the precedent it played in the past. Making the U.S. court system a vital role in the criminal justice system.. A court is a way for society to formally punish wrongdoers or criminals and make decisions. Courts determine behaviors based on society beliefs on what is acceptable behavior and which behavior is not and deserves punishment. Courts also decide on what is fair, just, punishment, how long to enforce a punishment, and innocents. Courts interrupt laws that can have impact on citizens, businesses, private parties, government officials, and many more. The purpose of the court is to upholding the law, protecting individuals, resolving disputes and reinforcing social norms. There are three elements to be considered a court in America. The first is the court must have the proper legal authority to be a court. This is given by constitutions or statues that have been created. The second is courts are found in the judicial branch. There are some exceptions to this but for the most part all courts will fall under the judicial branch. The third is when a court makes a
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