The Crash Short Story

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The Crash

In the galaxy of Andromeda, a fleet of militia starships goes from planet to planet, searching for minerals to make them rich. What they don’t know is that there is a mole in their fleet. A spy from the military disguised as an elite soldier. He is always in contact with the government, which is run by a greedy politician, desperate for the wealth the militia has gathered.

“What are you doing just standing there, soldier! Get to the captain’s quarters, immediately!” the captain’s assistant yells.
“Yes, sir” the disguised agent says. As he walks down the hall, the government is calling him in his earpiece. “Hello” he says.
“Hello soldier. The boss would like to know what information you have gathered so far” says an informative from …show more content…

“Well sorry then, soldier. I’ll try to make it to your funeral” the informative says. “Launch the missiles” he shouts.
“No! Wait!” the agent yells. But, the missiles hit the ship the agent was on. The ship shakes vigorously and starts going straight down. The agent tries to go through the door to the bridge, but falls and slides down the hallway instead. When he gets to the end of the hallway, he hits his head on the metal door. His vision gets blurry and he feels incredibly dizzy and then passes out.

When the agent wakes up, he sees a large hole in the ship. He climbs through it and lands on what feels to be hard rock. He picks one of the rocks and it is like burnt orange in colour. That’s weird, he thinks to himself. He then looks up and sees an entire plain of these rocks. The ship landed on a planet that had a gravitational force like Earth. That’s why the ship went down, he realised. We were in the atmosphere of the planet the entire time without even knowing.

He hears shouting and loud marching behind him. He turns around and sees military soldiers taking the surviving militia into custody.
“Hey!” says a voice in front of him. He turns back and sees the captain, stuck under a pile of

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