The Creature 's Mind By Victor Frankenstein

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Victor Frankenstein created the creature in order to further science, however the creature took on a mind of it’s own. The creature’s mind consisted of several things that had similarities to the personality of it’s creator’s mind. Victor Frankenstein left the creature to it’s own devices, which caused death and destruction. But even though they developed a hatred for each other, Victor and the creature really do not have that different personalities and character traits. Both have a deep desire for strong attachments to others, their tempers match each other when their ire rises, and they both connect deeply with nature. Both Victor and the creature have a strong desire for human contact. The creature repeatedly tries to make friends with humans because he does not want to live his life all alone and he wants companionship. The creature stayed in the barn owned by the De Lacys for months and helped them out by bringing firewood and doing other little odd jobs around the farm. He wanted them to know by little helpful deeds that he did not intend to do them any harm. He wanted someone to care about him. He fell in love with them and hoped that they would accept him when he showed them who he was and what he looked like. One day he spoke to the old blind man and felt like he may have made a friend when the other two came home. They immediately grabbed him and treated him violently, afraid that he would hurt the old man. He then left in a fit of sorrow and rage, but still

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