The Crime Rates Of Murder And Suicide

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Brittani Stephens Professor: Dr. Amber Stamper Class: GE102 Date: November 18, 2015 “Gun Control in America” The crime rates of murder and suicide is increasing due to guns being handled by different people in our society. Should the American government enforce new gun control laws in our country? This topic matters because gun control will make the country a safer place to live in. However, some people believe that gun control will take over citizen’s rights and isn’t a great idea. Gun control should be enforced by the government because it would help to reduce mass murders, reduce the criminal homicides, and reduce the amount of suicides. Mass murders held in South Carolina, Washington D.C., Connecticut and Colorado all involved guns in the killings. Many people were killed in these mass murders but what did the U.S. do to prevent further shootings in America. The government came up with the idea of gun control but people think it violates the second amendment and isn’t fair to citizen rights. What will we do to reduce mass killings in the United States? Gun Control is the only way to stop the violence and should be applied now! Gun control laws will help to reduce the number of mass murders in the United States. “In 1993, about 39,995 people were killed from guns”. (Kleck, 1) “Nearly half of these deaths, 48 percent were suicides, 47 percent were homicides, 4 percent were fatal gun accidents, and 1 percent were due to legal intervention.” (Kleck, 1) “Worldwide,

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