The Crisis : An Egyptian Billionaire, Naguib Sawiris

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Several solutions have been thought of but nothing really fixes the crisis. One solution was thought up by an Egyptian billionaire, Naguib Sawiris. (37) Sawiris would like to buy and island in the Mediterranean Sea as a temporary solution. (37) He believes the idea is crazy, but thinks it may work. (37) Once refugees have moved onto the island, he wants to employ them and allow them to build schools, hospitals, and housing on the island. (37) Sawiris may even have another supporter, Jason Buzi from Israel. (37) Buzi is also a billionaire and wanted a “Refugee Nation.” (37) Another man, David Laitin suggested to settle the refugees in the rundown area of Detroit. (37) Laitin thinks that bringing in these refugees would revive the area. (37)…show more content…
(38) The processing centers would have to follow the UNHCR policies. (38) As long as the policies are followed the whole process would be legal. (38) In order for this to possibly work the center would need peacekeepers to help with protection from ISIS and the government. (38) A safe passageway would also need to be mapped out to aid in the safe travels of the refugees. (38) The centers would also have to ask for more humanitarian assistance to help pay for necessities. (38) ISIS is a big threat to the whole world. Planned airstrikes aimed at ISIS to eliminate them and their threat could be a solution. There are several issues that would shoot this idea down. First of all put common sense into play, many civilian lives could be lost during a strike. One would not want to take the life of an innocent person. Secondly, the cost of how much one bomb from an airstrike would cost anywhere from about 15,000 dollars to one million dollars. (39) The more expensive weapons are nuclear bombs that could wipe out the entire country and possibly the surrounding countries. (39) Thirdly, it takes some time and authority to have an airstrike. An airstrike has to follow The Rules of Engagement which is a classified document that states specific and detailed instructions on what is happening and if a target is legitimate and it also states who can approve the target. (40) There are two ways and six steps to each way that an airstrike can be done. (40) Pre-planned strikes must

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