The Criteria And Research On Gender Dysphoria Essay

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Abstract This paper summarizes the criteria and research on Gender Dysphoria (GD). GD is a marked incongruence between one’s experienced or expressed gender and assigned gender, of at least six months’ duration. Gender Identity Disorder (GID) taken from the DSM-IV was replaced with GD in the DSM-V because there was nothing wrong with a gender’s identity and because there are more descriptions for the disorder. There is an emotional disturbance among gender dysphoric individuals as they are not happy with their identity or gender. Studies show that the mismatch of the gender causes distress and that sexual reassignment surgery is the most successful as effective treatments. This study will explore the significant factors affecting gender dysphoric children and adults through literature reviews. It will aim to identify treatment approaches and its outcome among the population. Gender Dysphoria Severity and Treatments 
with Adolescents and Adults Gender disorders are complex as there are a sea of terms to describe an individual who feels that they do not fit within society. According to Gates (2011), there is an estimated 3.5% (9 million) of adults in the U.S. identified to be of the LGBT community. The vulnerable population is important to study since it is a large group that is not acknowledged and accepted into society. Genetics and physiological factors contribute to gender dysphoria. Also, individuals affected face victimization, stigma and harassment. The

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