Essay about The Crook Crew: Personal Reflection

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Instructor may use an anonymous excerpt from my paper for future classes. [HC] The Crook Crew Maya Angelou once said, “… let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.” This is a great example of a powerful, independent, beautiful woman that any young girl would be lucky to have just a quarter of the integrity that she had. The idea of faith being the sole foundation that I walk upon each day has been embedded in my way of life since before birth. I was born on July, 10th 1994 to the parents of Kenny and Anita Crook who are still together and my family of origin and procreation. I have two sisters who are younger than I, Mckenzie who is 17, and Sydney who is 13. We all permanently reside in the same house, but I am…show more content…
My parents were without doubt authoritative parents, and they had some authoritarian mixed in. Our textbook outlines that authoritative is the ideal parenting style and that authoritarian as an overly controlled environment, and to some extent I would agree however as I will further explain I am thankful for the majority of restrictions and boundaries that were placed in my life. My unwritten family rule that has played a major role would be, “once something is seen or heard there is no erasing it,” and that is very generic which is why some explanations are necessary. While growing up I always felt that it was important to keep everything going into by body on a filter and my parents had no trouble making sure that was the case. I felt a constant delay in the trends of my environment, for example, I would not hear a new pop song for the first time until all of my friends already knew it by heart, or I wouldn’t see that brand new PG-13 movie until after my parents had seen it first. I followed this pattern for most of my development and as I grew in maturity my parents began redefining the boundaries to scale. Of course there were times in which the boundaries set forth were broken and the majority of the time it had to do with my cell phone. I was not given a cell phone until it was Christmas of my 8th grade year, and even then I
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