The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Arthur Miller has created John Proctor the protagonist of The Crucible to be a 30 year old farmer in Salem, Massachusetts, powerful of body, even-tempered and not easily led. John speaks his mind when he recognizes injustice. He is highly respected, even feared, by some in Salem. His name is synonymous with honour and integrity. He takes pleasure in exposing hypocrisy and is respected for it. However John is a sinner, a sinner not only against the moral fashion of the time but against his own vision of decent conduct, he has come to regard himself as a kind of fraud. After admitting to lechery, John is accused of witchcraft, on this charge he is condemned.

The walls close in around me. I cannot not escape the endless, darkened walls of this cell. I sit in the corner, I see the sharp corners at each edge of the room. The dismal paint on each of the walls carries a burden of memories where men and women drawing closer and closer to their death had been scraping at the walls. Looking up from the corner of the cell, I see the light coming down from the window, it is the only hope and light that is left in this retched room in which they have confined me.
These past months the nights have been long and cold, the days lonely and sad. But the choice is this, confess or hang. It is my word they want, and they will come for me soon. Every day I hear another person being taken from this place, these people are innocent and they be dying like animals, how

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