The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The Crucible is a 1953 novel written by Arthur Miller. The play is a fictionalized take on the Salem witch trials that took place in the Salem Massachusetts, between 1692 and 1693, one of the nation 's worst cases of mass hysteria it resulted in the execution of twenty people. Miller wrote the play to reflect McCarthyism during the cold war when the U.S congress began to blacklist accused communists. Miller himself was later accused of possibly being involved in the communist party. Throughout the play many characters are accused for a plethora of reasons whether that be hysteria, reputation, etc. One of the main motivations many of the accusers had was to revenge on those whom they did not favor for their own personal reasons and gain. In Arthur Miller’s the Crucible characters Abigail and Parris use red herring and ad hominem in order to maintain their reputation, avoid persecution and gain revenge over those whom they did not favor. The fear of losing one’s reputation can push people to do or say things to avoid it entirely. Parris feels as if his reputation in the village could be in question if it is revealed that witchcraft is being committed in his own home. How could such a “godly” man have something so “unholy” occurring in his own household? This level of fear causes him to say or do things purely to maintain his reputation. In Act One while addressing Abigail about what he had seen in the forest he decides to change the subject by saying “Abigail, is there any…

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