The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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In the English dictionary, there are three definitions of the word crucible. One is a metal container in which metals are mixed and melted. Another is a severe test. But the third definition, and the one that I think fits the best for this book, is a place or situation in which different elements interact to create something new. In my mind, this fits because all of the characters had their little grudges and dirty secrets. But when all those seemingly little things interact, they formed something new and a lot bigger: a witch hunt. This strange transformation that happened, occurred because of people exacting revenge. Revenge is a theme in the crucible because Abigail Williams, Mr Proctor, and Ann Putnam acted out of revenge. One character that acted out of revenge in The Crucible is Mr. Walcott. He acted out of revenge when he accused Martha Corey of witchcraft. We know that he was the one that accused her because in the Crucible, Giles Corey explains the situation to John Proctor. “That bloody mongrel Walcott did it. Y’see he buy a pig of my wife four of five year ago, and the pig died soon after. So he come dancin’ in for his money back. So my Martha, she says to him, “Walcott, if you haven’t the wit to feed a pig properly, you’ll not live to own many”, she says. Now he goes to court and claims that from that day he cannot keep a pig alive for more than four weeks because of her books” (Act II) So, according to Giles, Mr. Walcott bought a pig from

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