The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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According to The American Heritage Dictionary of of the English Language: High School Edition, the definition of a hero is “any man noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose.” Although a hero of a type of play called a tragedy is a tragic hero, more specifically a person who dies or is defeated by conflict with evil. The hero’s downfall is usually brought upon his or herself by a tragic flaw. The hero is usually overcome by evil, but in the midst of the struggle, the hero acquires knowledge and wisdom. In the play The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, many character have personal flaws that lead to tragedy. The prompt of this is asking whether John Proctor or Reverend Hale is the tragic hero of the play which in my opinion is quite idiotic because Reverend Hale, again in my opinion, does not fit the role of a tragic hero. I will try my best anyways, but Hale will not be brought up as much as Proctor.
The Crucible is set in Salem, which at the time was a Puritan community. Abigail, Elizabeth Proctor, John Proctor, Reverend Hale, and Reverend Paris, are the main characters. The play is about witchcraft or what the town wants to believe is witchcraft. John Proctor is a tragic hero because he is authoritative, loving, loyal, but his tragic flaw is his anger.
It is thought by many that the errors made by John Procter are the main reasons behind the Salem Witch Trials. First, is John’s sin of adultery, which is a very important part of this play. John, in a fit of

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