The Crucible By William Miller

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In the Crucible Abigail Williams is portrayed as a villain for the way she accused innocent people to cover up her affair with john Proctor.However I believe that she may have been innocent considering all the things she done but I don 't think she meant any of this to be a big deal till people started flipping out and strange things started happening to the girls . Throughout the story we know that the girls lied and made false accusations against innocent and that there really was no witch craft brewing about. Which makes me think that maybe Betty and Ruth could have been faking their coma state after they came back for from the woods .Considering that Betty had somehow woke up after hale came in and talking to Abigail before lying back in bed. it could all be a show or a revenge plot to get Abigail in trouble since she is adopted. Abby didn 't know about any of this after all they came back, and tried waking Betty up and was puzzled as much as everyone else about what had happened, especially since she said “Betty stop this “(292-294) letting us know that she had no clue as to why Betty lay still in the bed. If it were planned, she would have told Betty something like good job and letting Betty know that things were going smooth. In act one Abigail says this right after Susanna told them that the doctor said look to unnatural causes.“Speak nothing’ of it in the village, Susanna”(line 52). This shows that Abigail didn 't want rumors flying about and causing a commotion.For

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