The Cultural Beliefs Affect The Culture Of Immigrants

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The Cultural environment is a set of beliefs, practices, customs, and behaviors which are familiar to people in a specific population. There are essential components of culture which include language and symbols. Symbols show the meaning and actions of events while the word conveys the values and beliefs of religion which allows the members of the society to pass on the cultural expectations of other generations. The following factors affect the culture of immigrants to a new population where they settle (Oberg, 1960).
Religious beliefs of a community are the beliefs and building blocks of a cultural environment. They dictate the beliefs in supernatural power. When a new member is added or moves in a new community which of course is bounded with particular religious beliefs, they find it a challenge to adapting to the new Christian ideas. To be well off with the places, what kind of worship they offer, how they do their offerings which is of course entirely different with the one from the new member's culture, they have to be dedicated to getting involved in the religious functions entirely. The most significant challenge comes when the new member in the literature does not show interest in the new environments religious beliefs and might be discriminated as people may view them as unholy or spies to their way of life hence might be chased away.
Another critical factor in a culture of a community is family and relationships. The family is the building block of society, and

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