Interpersonal Democratization Of New Media In The 21st Century

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This media study will define the cultural revolution of the Internet and the interpersonal democratization of new media in the 21st century. The expansion of the Internet in the 2000s defines a new era of greater democratization of social interactions that were not possible through the use of the TV and Radio. In the 20th century, the power of TV and Radio did not provide an interactive platform in which people could share information in a democratic way. The increase use of social networking websites, such as Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks provided individuals with a new way to share ideas outside of outmoded mediums in the new media. In today’s media world, it is important to understand the diversity of website access that…show more content…
Virtually every major party candidate for state and national office had an interactive website as did most Democratic and Republican Party committees from the nation and state down to the counties and cities of metropolitan areas (Margolis & Moreno-Riaño, 2016, p.138).
In this context, the cultural revolution of the Internet made it possible for citizens to contact their political representative through email and other mediums of interpersonal exchanges, such as text-based chat rooms, in this democratic format. This is an important aspect of Internet access, which made is possible for ordinary citizens (and not just computer programmers) to communicate with the media-based culture of American politics. This is a large part of the new media revolution that was created during the rise of Internet interacting during the early 2000s.
The Internet not only provided a platform of new media through website access, but it confirmed ta much faster response between individuals communicating through website interaction. The increased speed of email communications and chat room access provided a more democratic response to current issues in the modern mass media. In this manner, individuals using chat rooms or email could send information much quicker, which outmoded the need for “snail mail” correspondences and the need for reading newspapers. This form of Internet interaction could vastly increase the availability of
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