The Culture Of Hip-Hop Music And Hip Hop Culture

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Hip hop is a culture style that started in the 1970’s. Majority of different funk groups began playing disco music at that time it was popular. During this time funk music was technology driven more electronic sounds was being used on the drum machines. Funk was the new dance in the early 70’s. This particular style of singing in which was being used is called rapping, this begun in African American, Urban Areas, Jamaican American, Latino American and many others cities of the United States. The group of artist or singer say words with a rhythm that rhymes. Some hip hop music lyrics are about violence and illegal drugs. Often time lyrics are about the life of urban people who stay in big cities. Other styles that hip hop uses come from pop music such as disco and reggae. Hip hop and rap music has become very popular and a successful genre in music. The style of dressing called urban clothes is also involved with the hip hop culture. They wore big baggy pants, large t-shirts, and Timberland leather work boots. In the 2000’s the United States and Canada popular music style was hip hop music (Kavanagh).
Most people think that Hip hop is just music but no it is not. Hip hop is actually an culture and has four major elements, which are B-boying, Graffiti, MCing, and Djing. Usually when people are asked about Hip hop most of the time they visualize rappers. What people do not know is that MCing is the very first characteristics of hip hop. Playing a record on turntables is

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