The Culture of the State of Georgia, A Paragraph

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Have you ever wanted to visit a state with beautiful mountains and waterfalls? If so Georgia is a great state to visit,because its known for it’s beautiful Appalachian Mountains. It also has beautiful waterfalls on the mountains. In this paragraph, it tells about the culture of Georgia. The first people that stepped on Georgia's land stepped on it about 10,000 years ago. Georgia is located along the Atlantic Ocean and is Southeastern in the United States.Georgia is roughly about 57,906 square miles and it’s population is about 8,186,453.The capital of Georgia is Atlanta and it was admitted to the Union on January 2,1788, also it was the fourth state that had been named.It is usually pretty hot in the Summer and pretty humid in the Winter. Known for its many larger cities which are Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Macon, Sandy Springs, Marietta, East Point, North Atlanta, and Alpharetta. Its the youngest of 13 former English colonies and East of the Mississippi River.The motto is Non sibi sed allis which means , ‘Not for self, but for others.’ It means that don’t be so selfish,sharing is caring. It was the first state to vote against ratification of the 19th Amendment, which is giving women the right to vote.Georgia was found in 1732, at which time it’s boundaries were even larger.Out of any state in the South, it had the largest number of plantations. White males owning at least 500 acres of land could be elected and pass laws for the colony. The state grows many

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