The Current State Regarding Theu.s ' Space Exploration Program

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Summary Cognitive Anthropologist Bob Deutsch discusses the current state regarding the U.S’ space exploration program as a whole. He particularly points to the fact that America seems to have lost its zeal to explore due to the fact that they are so caught up in their own “hunkered down existence”. For example, it was only a little over a decade ago that mars passed close to the earth; relatively a stones throw away and people looked up but even more said “so what?” and moved on. They did not understand the gravity of what they had just witnessed. Such feeblemindedness it disappointing from the people of the land of the free. It is as if America is hunkered down on a treadmill constantly working but going nowhere fast. What they seem to be working on has no effect for the greater good of mankind as it used to be. Connection to the Essential Question The essential question for this article is: what can America do to pick up the slack in the areas which it has been lacking during its reconstruction on order to have a good enough foundation to reach higher goals? America now is a very hectically paced place. “No behavior, feeling or experience is given time to mature or even be routinely complex”, says Deutsch. All the fruits of labor are harvested before they are any use. America is blinded by things such as the 9-11 traumas, Ponzi schemes, and the economic downturn of 2008 amongst other things. This is the reason America must explore space again.

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