The Current State on Russian Orphans Essay

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Every year approximately one thousand Russian orphans are adopted by American couples. As of early 2012, President Vladmir Putin has called for a ban on all Americans adopting Russian children. Due to intense relations between America and Russia and the increasing death and illness rate of Russian children living in America, Russian officials have ceased adoption by American couples. By denying access to Russian orphans, the government is bound to cause an increase in children with mental disease and possibly prevent these children from prospering for their future.
In 2008 the first incident of an adopted Russians death occurred. Dima Yakovlev, or otherwise known as Chase Harrison passed after his father had accidentally left him in the …show more content…

Along with the neglect that is pressed upon the children, the abuse rates in these homes are very high. Many reports of abuse and even death have been brought to the media’s attention over the past few years. One popular case was of two nurses that came home to the orphanage after a night of drinking to crying little ones. In an attempt to muffle the sounds of the cries the two women stuffed one child into a tub with a blanket over him. The other ones were stuffed in covers and put into a closet. It was not until the next morning when the next crew came in that the three children were found. Two had severe injuries afterward and one child, the youngest died.
Because of harsh relationships between Russia and many other countries the Russian government has put a ban on all adoptions by many other countries. Due to the use of children as a political tool, many ethical and moral values and rights are being broken by Russian officials. Not only is this immoral to couples who wish to adopt these children but to the children themselves as well. By preventing foreign couples from adopting these children, the Russian government is holding back the orphans from a better life. The homes that they are kept in while living in Russia are poorly equipped and the children then suffer from mental and physical illnesses as a result of the orphanages.
The rejection of

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