The Current Trends And Major Industries That Are Utilizing Gis Essay

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Introduction GIS is an abbreviation for Geographic Information Systems. GIS is a perfect blend of geography and technology. People can accumulate various forms of location data (both tangible and intangible) and produce living, breathing maps. By utilizing the power of Geographic Information Systems, users can create powerful applications. These applications can range in size from being small (surveying a single farm) to large (displaying real time voting across the country in a presidential election). The paper will begin with a literature review on the sources used for research including conference papers, lectures, and trade magazines. Immediately following the literature review, there will be the discussion which entails a thorough explanation of the fundamental concepts that contribute to the foundation of Geographic Information Systems. After the explanation of concepts, there will be high level summary of Roger Tomlinson’s GIS implementation plan for companies. This paper will then discuss the current trends and major industries that are utilizing GIS. In the end, there will be a conclusion that will include a future analysis on GIS. Literature Review Discussion Geographic Information Systems is a basic input/output mechanism. The user collects geo location data such streets, buildings, or rivers and non-geo information including populations, compensations, or other meta data. After careful research, the user can compile the data and enter it into the system. With

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