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The D-Day Assault On the side of D-Day being significant, my own knowledge comes into play. I know full well that a lot of planning and preparation went into the D-Day assault. To begin with: The deceptions at Dover, where the allies put in fake airfields and landing craft and made a complete mock army in the surrounding areas tricked the German reconnaissance aircraft into thinking that an invasion force was being assembled for an attack at Calais. This belief was made stronger by the radio …show more content…

After the initial landings a temporary port was set up at the seaside town of Arromanches called the Mulberry Harbour 'B'. The Americans also has a Mulberry Harbour this one on Omaha beach, Mulberry Harbour 'A', however their port was severely damaged due to a storm that raged and made the harbour unusable. The Mulberry Harbours were big, hollow concrete blocks and big metal piers floated over the channel and put in place to create the worlds busiest port for a couple of months, they were only designed to last the war but the remnants can still be seen around the coast. These harbours brought ashore the equipment and manpower that was vital in the new front. Also the defeat of German gun batteries that could have destroyed ships and landing craft out to 17 miles of sea were another crucial set of objectives that if not accomplished might have hindered the invasion. There were numerous gun batteries, there were some in particular: · Point du hoc - this was a German gun battery on top of a cliff giving brilliant sighing of ships. Before the invasion took place it was bombed by the air force and shelled by the navy so that the Germans would not sink many ships before they got to shore and cause many allied casualties. · Longues Sur Mer - this battery was used to destroy ships and landing craft before they got

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