The Danger Of The Atomic Bombs

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“I wanted to make radiation, visible” as a result the bomb became the beast. (Brothers, pg1). Metaphors in Cinema exist to help the public cope with societal problems such as death and fear of some kind. There is one monster in particular Godzilla, who was created through fear of an already existing threat atomic bombs. Godzilla a product of Japan, was used as a coping mechanism for their fear of the atomic bombs. Japan was the only country that suffered the effects of the atomic bombs. Not only did they have to cope with the fear of the nuclear bomb, but, with the effect of the bomb. Yet, the United States also needed a coping mechanism for cold war paranoia, and fear of science. Thus, the creation of “Them!” giant mutated ants that symbolized Americans fears. These films use the symbolism of destruction to show their fear and belief in the dangers of using science to make things such as nuclear weapons, and in even some occasions to show the destruction of a particular political ideal such as communism. Gigantic monsters are symbols that represent societal fear. The origins of these films is not one of entertainment, they exist to warn society and help society cope with their fears of death through events such as the atomic age. Monster films like Godzilla and big bug movies; show how humans turn their fear of death into symbolism, in monster movies. Threats and fears like nuclear bombs, atomic age, science, ideals, and war make people feel helpless, films like Godzilla

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