The Dangers Of Jettomero

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Jettomero is a giant robot who wants to do nothing more than protect humanity. In its favor is the fact that it is giant and indestructible, but unfortunately the fact that it is also incredibly clumsy does count against it somewhat. Despite the fact that Jettomero apologizes profusely every time it accidentally knocks over a few buildings or tramples some tanks with its giant feet, the very humans that it is trying to save tends to attack it in full force. Since Jettomero is indestructible this proves to be more than a nuisance than a danger, but it is rather disheartening when you get bombarded with bombs and missiles simply for trying to help. Initially Jettomero doesn’t really have any idea what its true purpose is and where it came from, but fighting the various monsters it encounters does …show more content…

For a giant robot Jettomero is quite graceful when boosting around space, but his movement on the planets is intentionally very cumbersome. Imagine a small child wearing over-sized boots while trying to walk through thick mud and you’ll have an idea of just how tricky it is to maneuver Jettomero. We would have liked to see some type of penalty for destroying the cities as currently you can trash everything in sight and the only thing that happens is Jettomero apologizing. Even the constant attacks that Jettomero suffers has no negative impact on it, which means the game is ideal for players who simply want a casual experience with no frustration. However, players who enjoy a challenge might not appreciate the sedate pace as much. There are a couple of optional tasks that can be sought out be anyone looking for something other than the primary gameplay loop, but none of these are exactly taxing either. From flying through hoops while in space to stomping out fires, these distractions only rewards players with the occasional achievement and has no impact on the

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