The Dangers Of Police Brutality

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Police Brutality Who are we supposed to go to when the police and law enforcement abuse their power and because of that they end up abusing people in a violent way leaving them in critical damage. Law Enforcement duty is to make sure communities are safe, and for people within those communities be able to go out of their house without feeling that their life is in danger or they are being threatened. Police Brutality is becoming a bigger issue as each day pass. Police officers are abusing their power and doing whatever they want because they feel that they can do anything because of the badge they have on their uniform. The reason why I selected this policy is that it is something that happens every day and they let it happen and due to that, the police officers are averaging of killing 3 people nationwide. The media has an important role influencing public opinions on police brutality because what happens most of the time is that news does not show the full story of a scenario of a police abusing their power hurting people with their uniform on. Now in days, everyone is on social media and when a case happens people record and upload them to their social media and from there, everyone else will see it. After seeing the videos of people being attacked by the police there will be more than one person who is going to do something about it until police brutality comes to an end. This policy has to be talked about until they stop police brutality and that is why I choose to talk about this policy. It is forbidden for police officers to be abusing their power against the community violently and committing a crime when they are sworn officers who are suppose to protect the community from all danger. Due to the media, I was able to see what is happening in our communities and how police officers are abusing their power and it made me talk about because we can not allow being abused violently by the police when they are supposed to keep us safe. This policy matters to me because now the communities feel unsafe and cannot walk around in their community knowing that those who are supposed to protect us and keep us safe can attack us and can take our lives away without facing any real punishment or be
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