The Dangers Of Social Media

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How does one feel, when going online and talk to a random person through a social media? Does one feel invincible? Like, one has a voice? We all feel that one way or another, because what kind of harm can come to a person through a screen. As it turns out, there is a danger to social media and the online world. This is true, especially for the youths of today; it is also true for the adults as well. Though many know the dangers of Social Media, there are many kids that will still ignore it; which is why it is important to not only educate, but to also educate the parents about the steps they can take to ensure safety on the internet. The dangers in social media, can come in many forms. The biggest one, is identity theft, and that not only means stealing another’s information, but also the pretense of being someone else. For example, a teenager can be chatting with this person online. Both of them have been talking to one another for many months, and finally decide to meet up. Now what does one think of this scenario, to many it sounds completely unsafe, and stupid; but this teenager doesn’t think so. Because, they know them and think this person is who they say they are, and there is no danger. When in reality, this person might not be who they say they are, and are meaning harm. In the end, this teenager will end up in a precarious situation, all because the knowledge of what to do is not present. Another danger, is the cruelty kids can face when in a world of different

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