The Dangers Of Stolen Information

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With the increased use of technology, there are new dangers of stolen information. More patients check their records online with their home computers, tablets or cell phones. This data loss can result from the device itself being lost or stolen, third party apps siphoning off data, or by sharing files through public cloud services. The patients are accessing their records, scheduling their doctors’ appointments via text or app, and health care providers are wirelessly sharing data. The health care industry has to acclimate to these changes in accessing patient information and make sure that their mobile access is secure and HIPAA compliant. They also need to find new ways to protect patient data, no matter how the data is being accessed. Of course, there is always the possibility of user error and the patients being at fault for divulging their personal information. Health care companies have to make sure that their staff and their patients are aware of ways to prevent compromising their data. Professionals should be trained and aware that it is not ok for them to email any patients’ records with the possibility of the transmission not being encrypted or the destination not being HIPAA compliant. The staff has to be prepared for any malicious occurrences in to protect the company’s networks. Due to increase in social media and people telling their life stories over the wide web, the privacy factor has become a grey area. Making sure that an end user is informed not to open
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