The Dangers of Smoking Are Overemphasized

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In today’s society, the tobacco use in youth and adult are increasing dramatically and effecting millions of lives every year. I think the dangers of smoking are overemphasized but our society chooses not to take it serious by ignoring all the information that is given to them and instead choose to harm their own body by smoking tobacco. Smoking is a self- destructive behavior that effects the smoker mentally, physically, emotional and economically. Anti-smoking campaigns and Ads spend billions of dollars every year trying to discourage adults and teens from smoking and improve public health. Every human being, even those who are addicted to tobacco, are aware of the fact that tobacco usage and smoking are dangerous leading causes of diseases, cancer and death. Despite the anti-smoking ads about the ill-effects of smoking, smokers are the ones that choose their own destiny in the sense that they develop health problems because they chose to smoke. The effects of using tobacco are wide and varied but all of them are dangerous to every user's health. Smoking is the most preventable leading cause of death in our society. According to The American Cancer Society, an estimated of 45.3 million people in United States smoke cigarettes. Smoking is more common among men than women. Smoking effects a smoker’s health in many way by harming nearly every organ of the body and causes many disease. Nicotine creates pleasant feelings that make the smoker want to smoke more. Nicotine
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