The Dark Knight Dilogy Part 1

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Hal Freeland
The Dark Knight Dilogy Part 1
Bruce Wayne, the Batman, leaned against one of the many high reaching, cold, damp, and rocky walls of the Batcave. Not suited up, but wearing khakis and an undershirt, he felt the cold of the wall while waiting for some crime information to process. There was a particular robbery that he could not be the first responder to. But of course, the Gotham Police are on a different level of skill in the crime-stopping field, therefore, the offenders escaped the scene.
Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s butler, enters the Batcave in his typical dress, a tuxedo. “Any updates on the robbery, Master Bruce?” asked Alfred with his sophisticated English accent. Bruce says with a sigh, “I’m afraid not, Alfred.” “Well, I brought you some coffee in case you are down here for a while more.” The butler said. “Thanks Alfred.” Said Bruce. “Always welcome, Master Bruce.” Then the butler strolled into the industrial looking steel-grate elevator, and exited the Batcave.
About 15 minutes later, the report had been fully processed. The report read: No sizable threat. Suggestions: Let GCPD handle it. Bruce let out an exhausted sigh of relief. He concluded he had gotten about three hours of sleep in the last week. Suddenly, he remembered with a startle that three hours is the minimum amount of sleep for a person over the course of a week.
The next morning, after seven hours of sleep, Alfred woke him with a spinach smoothie and a protein bar in hand.

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