The Day Of A Golf Course

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It was early on Sunday morning when I went to the rummage sale down the street. My mom brought me every year while I was growing up. Out of all the houses, she always insisted on visiting this specific one. It was a tall blue house right on the corner of our street. It had white shutters and white window frames and a big white door smack dab in the middle of the white porch. The exterior of the house wasn’t very decorated. It was pretty vanilla as I like to say because it was plain, but it still intrigued me. The grass was what caught my eye the most. It was always cut very short, almost like the green of a golf course. I figured keeping it that nice must’ve taken a lot of work yet I never saw anyone ever cut it. The driveway was pretty…show more content…
I looked outside and it looked cold so I grabbed my sweatshirt that I had received from my school’s football team. I loved it because it had my name and number on it so I felt proud. I stepped out the door and I was right, it was brisk out with a slight breeze blowing the remaining leaves from the tall trees of our neighborhood. As I walked with my hands tucked deep in my coat pockets, I watched the last leaf of a tall oak tree slowly sway side to side down from its branch. I checked the clock of my phone and saw that it was nearly 9:30 in the morning. The city-wide rummage sale started at 10:00 so I knew I had time before the house started becoming overflowed by people of the community. As I strolled to the end of the street I noticed the house had already set up tables and spread some random items out on them. I noticed an old woman seated in a rocking chair near the end of the tables. She smiled brightly and slightly lifted her fragile hand into the air in a half-hearted wave. “Hello Graham!” she softly exclaimed. I greeted her with an awkward wave back. I wondered how she knew my name as I rustled through the colorful sweaters and pants. The situation was weirder due to the fact that she had called me by my last name instead of my first. I tried not to worry too much about it. Next to the sweaters and pants were winter hats, gloves, and
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