The Day of Judgment According to Islam, Christianity and Judaims

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Everything that exists today such as life on earth is known to eventually come to an end. Most religions believe in the day of judgment and it is generally defined to be the day that God judges the moral worth of the individual humans or the whole human race. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are three of the worlds largest religions that have created controversy between many countries over how they view some aspects of religion such as the day of judgement.

In Islam, the day of judgement is broken down in many stages and is known as ‘Qiyama’. Muslims believe that one day they will all be standing in front of Allah (swt) and will be judged for the way they live their lives on earth. It is learned from Muslim scholars that all around the world people will hear loud trumpets. When the first blowing of the trumpet takes place every life such as humans, animals, and even plants, will taste its death. All of existence will cease to exist except for Allah (swt). During the second stage, all souls will come back to life by returning to their bodies. During this stage all life is being prepared to stand in front of the Lord of the universe. Every living thing will be confronted of the deeds they commit in throughout their life on earth in Allah's (swt) court of justice. The all mighty Allah (swt) will be the sole judge on this day of reckoning. Whoever believes in the Allah (swt) and did righteous good deeds within their lives according to Allah’s (swt) guidance, will be

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