The Death Of A Just War

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A just war is defined as a war that is deemed as morally or theologically justifiable. One individual who shares this view is St. Thomas Aquinas, a man of theology studies, and someone with his own conditions on just war. Aquinas believes that there are three conditions that need to be met for a war to be justified. First, someone who has authority must wage war. Second, those who are attacked must be deserving of this war. Lastly, a war is only justified if it benefits the citizens. In my opinion, the U.S involvement in dealing with ISIS meets the criteria of a just war. The death of Zarqauwi in 2006 caused the awakening of Islamic State in Iraq. In the year 2013, ISIS began focusing on the split between Shia-led government and Sunni…show more content…
Thomas Aquinas. The three conditions for waging a justified war is that war must be waged by authority. Aquinas says that, “It is not the business of a private individual to declare war, because he can seek for redress.” (Aquinas 484) This means that a country or individual in power must declare war because if anyone were to declare war it could be out of vanity and revenge. It would be for personal gain. Next, a war is justified by a just cause. This means that a war must have a substantial reason for it such as moral conflict or mistreatment of citizens. This is supported by quote,“When a nation or state has to be punished, for refusing to make amends for the wrongs inflicted by its subjects.”(Aquinas 485) Lastly, a war is justified only when the outcome will benefit the people, or it is for good intentions. “Wars that are waged not for motives of aggrandizement, or cruelty, but with the object of securing peace, of punishing evil-doers, and of uplifting the good.”(Aquinas 485) According to the conditions made by Aquinas the United States are justified in waging war on ISIS. Under the first condition, authority must wage war. Therefore,The United States President has the authority to wage war. A just reason is needed to wage war. ISIS has illegally obtained lethal weaponry. “ They also have captured…trucks manufactured for the United States Military.” (What is Islamic State?) Another reason the U.S is justified is that ISIS is gaining support
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