The Death Of Escobar : A Controversial Topic

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Pablo Escobar was a notorious Columbian drug lord that managed one of the largest cocaine cartels in history. At the height of his power, Escobar was producing 80% of the United States’ cocaine supply. I would break down his life by younger life; personal life; early years; rise to power; height of power; criminal life; death and aftermath. Images of Escobar, his partners, family, homes, the Columbian forces, and the cocaine workshops would be included in my article. The death of Escobar is still a controversial topic, because his death was not verified. Scholarly databases, documentaries, and books would be used to verify the material in the article. There are no experts cited in the entry (Wikipedia contributors). The entry is seven pages long. The length does surprise me since he was a drug baron for over 10 years and many other entries are more extensive. The subtopics of the entry are his early life; criminal career; personal life; and death and aftermath. It was last updated on February 14, 2016, and the most recent information seems to be from the subtopic death and aftermath. More specification to dates, names and occurrences are used in this subdivision, and it also discusses the most recent court trials, books, and other documents made after his death. Included in the entry are photos of Pablo Escobar, members of Search Bloc celebrating over Escobar 's body, and a painting portraying Escobar 's death. The Search Bloc photo adds surreality to the piece of history

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