The Death Of The Polio Vaccine Essay

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Letchworth Profile Letchworth Village, an insane asylum opened in 1911, is a village consisting of 130 or more buildings designed as a place to help treat and care for patients with mental disorders. This quickly turned for the worse. Due to the limited laws about taking care of patients at the time, it became a place of inhuman torture and experimentation on human beings. There were many unfortunate events that led to the death of patients and even more suffering of the already mentally ill. Patients ranged from newborns all the way to the elderly. The first trial of the polio vaccine took place here. 17 out of the 20 children it was administered on, developed anti-bodies with no complications. That was just about the only good thing that came out of Letchworth. The patients who resided at Letchworth Village were not addressed by name. They were each given a number and that’s the number they would be known by even after death. Letchworth had a graveyard near the edge of the town where they would bury each patient who died. It was no ordinary burial site. All they were given was a small stone slab that stated nothing other than their number. No names, no family descriptions, nothing. One could say families would be lucky if they could even identify where their family member was buried. Everything about Letchworth was done improperly and immorally. Numerous investigations were conducted to determine if living at Letchworth was suitable for patients. The so called

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