The Death Penalty Is Justified

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The Death Penalty Within knowledge and experience the most controversial opinions are formed. The death penalty has been argued for decades now only to conclude that it is a very opinion based argument rather than a factual one. Because of this, the situation intensifies as emotions and morals are put on trial. It is climacteric that while the topic at hand will be edified it will also be illuminated from the two spectrums of the argument. The death penalty has stood for some, as a depiction of murder or maybe even the act of playing God. Others believe that it is indeed in violation of the eighth amendment within our nation’s constitutional values. While the more politically correct of the nation believe that the death penalty …show more content…

The idea of the death penalty travels deeply down the timeline of global history. The most prominent death sentence was in the case of Jesus Christ approximately dating around 33 AD. The second most publicized execution was of Socrates around 399 BC who was most known for his impact on the Greek philosophical stage. The 7th Century BC Draconian Code that the city of Athens stated that any crime no matter how extreme could be punishable by death. Later, in the 14th Century BC, the Hittite Code also employed the death penalty. The very first account ever to be documented by historical records dates to around the mid-16th Century BC. The man of which the documents show, was accused of utilizing magic. His death penalty was sentenced to be carried out by his own hands. The majority of the other historically backed accounts were not illuminated until the 18th Century BC which was when the Code of King Hammurabi was put into place in Babylon. Within this one code, twenty five separate crimes could be punishable by death, yet, murder was not among them. Before the death penalty of modern times can be exemplified it is important to showcase the death penalty from the facts; the history books. This in no way is to justify the methods used today but rather to equip a well-educated and historically sound backing on the subject at hand. Among the most distinct differences is the idea of societal classes. For

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