The Death Penalty Is Used Now

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Introduction The death penalty a history of good and bad, it has a long history and many types of ways it was used. And the questions always arise does it deter the criminals from committing more crimes or what rate is the death penalty used. Also what are the different types of ways the death penalty is used now. This paper will explain everything and answer the questions you have thought about. Also, will give information on what states use the death penalty more than others and what the people think about the death penalty an other ways researchers say that the criminal can be punished but in a less cruel way. Past and Present The history of the death penalty first started in the 1800’s in England when English colonies used the type of …show more content…

Every couple year there is a revaluation of this NRC report and is has been found correct there has been no changed in the criminal behaviors like homicide or murder. Since the 1980’s the death penalty use has went down tremendously. But even though the rate has gone down the states that keep the rate of executions at what it is Texas, Oklahoma and Virginia even though it has found to not deter a criminal from doing wrong. Those presented states account for more than half of the executions in the United States. Methods of Death Penalty The uses of the death penalty vary. There is not just one way someone will be put to death when on death row. One of the major ways a inmate facing the death penalty is put to death is the electric chair it is the usage of a wooden or medal chair with a leather head band that has a connection of wires that send voltage through it to melt the brain and kill the criminal this is the most widely used one. Another heavily used procedure to put a criminal to death is by lethal injection which is a shot in the arm which knocks the criminal uncurious than stop the heart. A way that was used in the early way of execution in the 1800 through the 1900’s was death by hanging it was favored by the early American because it sent a message to the community as they would watch in the center of town. The death penalty had ways by which you can use it most people on death row tend to stay on death row rather than be

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