The Death Penalty Should Be An Option

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When presented with a heinous crime, the question of whether the death penalty should be an option has often sparked heated debates between left wing liberals and right wing conservatives. Those on the left would most likely argue that capital punishment does not serve any beneficial purpose in our society. In contrast, conservatives, provided that they have no religious motives to oppose the death penalty, would likely argue that it is a necessary punishment for heinous crimes. For thousands of years the death penalty has been used as the ultimate form of punishment for a vast number of crimes and in even more numerous methods. Babylon’s King Hammurabi identified 25 different crimes that justified the death penalty; the list did not however include murder. A popular form of punishment during the colonial period in New England, over 222 crimes were punishable by death. These numbers began to dwindle to zero once it was determined that capital punishment was inhumane by the British government ("The history of capital punishment"). The movement to abolish the death penalty has spread to many other countries around the world but has yet to have a widespread effect in the United States. Still currently legal in the U.S. in 31 states, the death penalty remains as a reminder of mankind’s barbaric past (Facts about the Death Penalty). Considering how well humans have developed intellectually and innovatively over the centuries, capital punishment seems like an awfully
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