The Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal

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Imagine yourself lying on a bed, being somewhat conscious, not being able to move any part of your body and then slowly starting to asphyxiate. After the choking, would come a burning sensation throughout your whole body that is so intense, it feels like you are in the fiery pits of Hell. Then would come the worst muscle cramp that you have ever felt in your entire life, however, it is not only just your calf or thigh, it is your entire body. Then finally your heart gives out on you because you have just gone into cardiac arrest. That experience is not a dream for a convicted felon who has received the death penalty sentence, it is his or her reality. The drugs used in the lethal injections are Sodium Thiopental or Pentobarbital which acts as an anesthetic, Pancuranium bromide, also known as Pavulon, which acts as a paralytic, and Potassium Chloride, which gives the inmate all of those sensations before sending him or her into cardiac arrest. The company that is contracted by the United States Government to make the drug Sodium Thiopental, Hospira, has officially stopped making this drug due to global outrage by death penalty opponents. This requires states to now figure out a new way to execute the people on death row. A firing squad method would be the easiest and most efficient to implement. Lethal injections do not always work like they should. Lethal injections are also not always pain free. In fact, according to over 90% of inmates felt pain, and over

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