The Death Ratio And Crash

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Maybe you 're afraid of snakes being on your plane? Nah, Im just kidding. Do you know what causes plane crashes? Small things such as birds, wind, and weather can take a 430 ton airplane to the ground, yet statistics actually show that air travel is the safest way to travel. In the following research paper the reader will learn how plane crashes happen and how they can be prevented. The death ratio and crash ratio both have descended over the following 20 years.There are thousands of car fatalities each year, along with deaths. You have a one in one million chance to crash while being present on an plane. Statistics? Or in other words facts. These are the things that we lean on in life. If something has good credibility or statistics, then its the way to go. Plane crashes can frighten you even if you’re not on board. In fact, we live in an era where plane travel is the safest and quickest way to travel. Just last year, 2014 had the lowest amount of plane deaths. The Year 1972 had the highest crash ratio. Planes have advanced since then and now are more efficient and safer. In 2014 there were only 761 plane fatalities.Statistics show that six percent of plane crashes were weather related during the 2000’s. Another twenty percent of plane crashes statistics says that crashes during the 1970’s were mechanical issues.Also, 34 percent of plane crashes were pilot errors during the 2000’s. In 1950, three percent of plane fatalities were sabotaged. Believe it or not , plane

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