The Debate Of Active Euthanasia

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There are several arguments that favor active euthanasia. One argument is that it’s appropriate for healthcare professionals create a peaceful environment for death of an individual. A second argument is that people have the right to make their own decisions. Lastly, the remaining arguments consist of laws requiring certain safeguards to regulate the use of active euthanasia. There are several arguments that oppose this practice. The first argument in opposition is that doctor’s primary responsibility is to sustain life and to not cause death. The second argument in opposition is that patients that ill to consider this treatment are not’t mental stable enough to fully give consent. Lastly, the remaining arguments in opposition consist of how deeply this practice will affect the culture of medicine. …show more content…

These arguments are similar the ones cited in the book. In contrast, the arguments within the case study were a little more specific in regards to receiving consent and administrating the treatment.

Should the United States adopt the Dutch policy?


What would be the social ramifications of adopting this policy?

The social ramifications of adopting this policy will stimulate value clarification thinking. In the text is discusses how medicine raises issues that create complex decisions between life and death for individuals (Weiss & Lonnquist,

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